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Sacred Path Center For Enlightenment     Alexander, Arkansas

Alexander ,Arkansas


“Events & Gatherings at Sacred Path”



Sacred Path Spiritual Festival

Saturday, June 17, 2023

10 AM - 7PM

Admission: $5 per person at gate entrance     Grass parking


One Day Fundraising Event!

To support the vision and completion of Sacred Path  Center Of Enlightenment












Indoor and Outdoor Spaces Available


Vendor space IS still available. This page will update when no more spaces are available. Its getting close and its not too late to reserve a space! See list below

* Volunteers Needed before and after the event (below vendor info)

Please note we cannot supply chairs, table and other things at present.


WiFi Available!


Contact Heather Gerson For Vendors Space & Event Volunteers


Email Heather at: sacredpathar@gmail.com


Many thanks and blessings to everyone making this vision become a reality that was foretold 27 years ago that will assist many on their Awakening, Spiritual and Healing Path in Central Arkansas.  

Vendor Space and Volunteer Info Below

Inside Booths (with electric)   8x6  $90 /  6x6  $75

Bring you own: Table/Chair


Outside Booths: (No electric)    10 x10  $65

Bring you own: Table/Chair,Canopy/ShadeCover


Food Booths: Outside     10x10   $75.00 (No electric)

· Breakfast

· Lunch/Dinner

· Beverages/Snacks

· Provide your own table, chairs, canopy/cover, electric, trash can


Outside Booths  (No electric)  10x10 $75


Musicians/Ambiance/Speaker – Tree Covered Lawn:

· No charge, (unless you have a vendor) Otherwise no payment other than donations to the cause (hat)

· 10x10 Canopy Cover, tarp floor

· Limited electrical access (this is not a big band concert venue)



· Art & Handmade Goods - No commercial merchandise

· Services - Alternative /Holistic / New Age /Spiritual /Metaphysical

· Provide your own table, chairs, cushion


* Event Volunteers:   

Assistance  Requested: Please contact Heather at the email address above asap to volunteer


· Advertising/social media assistance

· Wifi/hotspot assistance

· Baked goods

· Decorators

· Sign Assistance

· Day-of volunteers – morning/mid-day & tear-down/clean up

· Sponsors



NOTICE:  Extra help asap:

Anyone who can help with a bit of land clean up around the property such as: weed eating and things that the land owner cannot do by herself.

    To Volunteer for the extra help     only on the land contact Yana  Freeman at 501-557-8761

“Spoon Bending” ....bring some cheap spoons and forks for this one!

Are you ready to have some fun? I hope so because this requires laughter and it is contagious! We will raise the energy and bend the prongs on forks and handles on spoons. It may surprise you to see some will melt off the handles. [left are the ones I have done] No guarantees, but all things are possible!

    Familiar with  Hamilton’s Farm on Sparks Road?

  We are located off Reed Road, the 1st curve on the right off Sparks before Hamilton’s Farm  

13 miles from Colonel Glenn Exit off I-430

9 miles North off I-30/Hwy.5 North off Springhill Road in Bryant

and 10 miles North off Congo Exit I-30

Address For GPS/Google Maps:; 1026 Sacred Path, Alexander, AR 72002

NOTE:  Off the dead end of Reed Road in Alexander, Arkansas in Pulaski County




 Come on out and bring that inner child and your lawn chairs or mats to join us for a full day of activities in Mother Nature amongst the Quartz Crystal and raise your frequency, cleanse your aura, gain insights into your Spiritual Path, purpose and mission, knowledge and have some fun helping to bring into manifestation the newest Spiritual Event and Healing Center for Central Arkansas!

Featuring: Music/Drumming, Singing Bowls, Jazz Band, Food/Drinks, Archangel and Angel Messages, Medium/Messages from Heaven,  Face Painting,  Psychic & Tarot Readings, Hand-made items, Free Lectures, Guided Meditations, plants, and lots MORE!!  Hang out for the day, walk the path and enjoy the fellowship of others of like-mind and higher vibrations of Love & Light!


Daily Events Are Coming Soon!

Available now> In-person Private Readings and Hypnotherapy Sessions (QHHT)

Available now by appointment only.

Call 501-557-8761 to schedule

[Above]This is the Schumann Resonance after we had the Festival here on June 17, 2023. No one has an explanation for the pattern, but we know! Normal is the small graph on the left side.

If you’re just needing a peaceful place to hang out for a bit and feel the high energy this is the place! Bring a blanket or mat, a lawn chair and pack your picnic basket and spend a little time in Nature amongst the trees and watch the wildlife as they come and go. We can visit and I’ll gift you with a special treat to help you on your Spiritual Path.

[Please let me know you’re coming out before you venture this way]


No visitors before 10 AM Daily