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Yana L. Freeman CCHt, QHHT, MA

1995 Arkansas Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Healing Hypnosis  •  Past Life Regression  •  Children’s Hypnosis

Sacred Path Healing Center

Alexander ,Arkansas

Keep in mind....

Once we set an appointment date and time...

DO NOT schedule yourself to work the day of our session!!

   A session consist of a 45 minute chat before we begin. The session itself may last 1-2 hours, then another short talk while I upload your video to take with you. The entire talk and session may only last 2-3 hours total, but... you need the rest of the day and evening to process and pamper yourself. This is required!

  All sessions are conducted in my home office located 13 miles from the Colonel Glenn Exit and 9 miles North of Bryant in Rural Pulaski County. Directions will be sent via email to you the day before your session.

     *All sessions are private. No kids, no guest.

Keep your appointment or give 24 hours notice to reschedule.


Hypnotherapy Sessions

Fee: Sliding Scale $85 - $125.00

(what you can afford to pay)

Others charge $300-$700 a session!!

In Person Only (no online sessions)

If you wish to have a session with me...

Send me an email  yfree09@att.net regarding why you want the session, what is going on and what are you expecting from a session? Please include a phone number to reach you and the best time to contact you.

NOTE: Please...Be patient, I may be busy and it could be a few days to get back to you....

NOTICE: While you’re waiting to hear from me...

Click here to get started>  How To Prepare for Your Session




Archangel OSHO Zen Readings

$44.00 per person

 These is not a typical reading you would get from seeing a tarot card reader. I was instructed by Archangel Gabriel to dust off my cards one day and he proceeded to give me messages through the cards I drew and he did the same for several friends. They were nothing like what the book said about the meaning of the cards, but very specific for the person and he described what the card meant for them and what he wanted to say to them.

 You do not have to be present for the readings and once you order this below I will start working on the message specifically for you in your life and on you path in this lifetime. Give me 2-3 days as these can be very detailed. I will send a link in email for your reading download.

Order On Home Page

Note: Must include in the order form the first and last name of each person you purchase for and email to send them their reading.


I am a Servant to God Source and it is my intention to assist those Souls

who seek help, healing and guidance for their Soul’s Life Path.

I could charge much higher fees, but I know so many who live on limited incomes and month to month and I wish to be able to help all of you, not just the ones who have unlimited incomes. I am retired and receive Widows benefits that pay my Mortgage and utilities, but as many with rising prices I too must supplement my income and this is how I was led to do so, but affordably for you. Not one of us can work for free. The cost of web hosting, Internet, phone service and you know how it goes.  If you allow me the honor of assisting it it will be my pleasure and I allow God Source to work through me for your highest and greatest good.