Yana Freeman CCHt/QHHT Practitioner

Arkansas -  1995 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Healing Hypnosis  •  Past Life Regression  •  Children’s Hypnosis



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Instructions For A Successful Session

  A little self talk goes a long way. Its up to you to allow yourself to relax. It really is that simple! Here’s what you can to to help....

  Write this down:  I have clear and direct communication with my Subconscious. I allow myself to relax and I have a wonderful, successful session. I willingly release fears and doubts. I release them and let them go. I’m ready for healing. I am ready for answers to my questions about my life, health, my path, purpose, and mission in this life. I have a great session!

  Repeat this several times throughout the day and on the day of your session, look in the mirror and tell yourself aloud the above and say it in the car on the way to the appointment. Make this a practice before your session.  I did this before I had my own QHHT session and it worked beautifully!  

 List of Questions: Write down your questions and list the most important ones at the top. Separate Physical/health from Personal/relationship . Be specific! The Higher Self only gives a general answer if asked a general question. What do you really want to know about your life, health, relationships?  

 *Limit fluids before your session, eat a high protein meal for breakfast or lunch so you don’t get hungry during the session.  

  I  will send you a list of How to Prepare For Your Session and Directions to this location in your email a few days before your session.  

Listen to this Guided Meditation (right click to save audio) Get familiar with my voice and you may even receive some healing using it, but nothing like in a private session. Only use this when you can relax and close your eyes with no distractions.


To save meditation: right click the link and save as....(download it to your desktop or your device and listen each night at bedtime). You will have the best night’s sleep!!


Be prepared to set aside the day for your session. A session may only last 2-3 hours, but you need the rest of the day and evening to rest.

 I conduct my Hypnosis Sessions in my home office located in a quiet country setting amongst the towering trees, approximately 13 miles from the Colonel Glenn Exit and 9 miles North of Bryant in Rural Pulaski County.

No calls before 10 AM please. I know many live on a limited or low income so I am flexible, but I do not work for free. Contact me to work something out.

In-person Appointments Only  

*All sessions private. No kids, no guest.

Rule #1: Keep your appointment or call to cancel.

 Cancellations: 24 hour cancellation notice so I can schedule someone else in your time slot.

 •No appointments on Holidays or in snow and ice•

LOOK......... See instructions below for a successful session.




Appointments: Call me at (501) 554-1350 or contact me via E-mail: yanafree09@aol.com



To set appointment

Email Or call: 501.554.1350