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Yana L. Freeman CCHt, QHHT, MA

1995 Arkansas Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Healing Hypnosis  •  Past Life Regression  •  Children’s Hypnosis

For Adult Hypnosis Session’s

How To Prepare For Your Session

“There are steps you must take to ensure a successful session and experience”


     A few days before your session listen to this Guided Meditation to be familiar with my voice. Only use it at bedtime or when you are alone and can relax, BUT...... NEVER while driving!! It last approximately 35 minutes.

 Listen to this Guided Meditation (right click to save audio). Get familiar with my voice and you may even receive some healing using it, but nothing compared to your private session.


    #1 Read and follow the below information. Print it out if you must.

     #2 What to Eat and Drink

  The night before your session “avoid” alcohol completely!  It is best to abstain from alcohol completely for a few days before. You want to raise awareness not depress it in any way through any depressants.

 The day of your session, cut back on the amount of coffee you drink in the morning and only drink your coffee first thing in the morning.  Too much caffeine may make your jittery and lesson your ability to deeply relax into the session.   Eat as healthy as your possibly can the night before and the day of your session, but Avoid dead meats and processed foods as much as possible. Your session may last several hours, so don’t skip breakfast / lunch…eat good sized portions of healthy live foods (fruits, vegetables).

  Drink water the night before and the morning before your session, but, do not drink anything at least an hour before your session. This will minimize the need for any bathroom breaks while in the session, but hydrate well in the evening and the early morning.

  #3 If you meditate do so the morning before your session. Stop all work and any emotional conversations with others a couple of hours before your session.

   #4 Come to your session with a clear mind and the excitement of knowing its going to be a wonderful, exciting journey!

     #5  What to wear:  Comfortable loose fitting clothes

  If you want a video recording bring a 16GB USB flash drive for a video copy of your session. Available at your local Wal Mart stores starting at $6.97. You don’t need an expensive one.  If we have multiple sessions a 16 GB will hold multiple sessions.

    Audio only will be available online a few hours after your session for download for a short time.


Prepare Your List of Questions for Your Inner Healer/Higher Self

 Find a quiet comfortable place at a time of day where you can relax with no distractions. This way you will form the best possible questions to ask in your session. There are no limits as to what you can ask and where you can go.

What answers do you wish to receive in the session?

The list below will assist you in creating your list of questions

Please make your list as legible as possible on paper, not on your phone.

Health & Body

 In your session we have the opportunity to speak directly with your higher self and do a body scan.  Your subconscious will scan your physical and energy field from head-to-toe for any areas that require healing, realignment or removal of attachments and thought forms that might be causing your problems.

 You may ask questions regarding chronic ailments, pain, what foods to eat or whatever is needed for your highest good and instructions for well-being. You can discover specifically what your body needs.



  Have you ever wondered if you had a past life with someone close to you?  Maybe you have a sense of curiosity about why you have met someone or what is the purpose of them being in your life? These answers and more can be discovered in your session. You’ll be able to look beneath the surface of your relationships and know the specifics of your soul contracts. You will understand people much better from the information received from your higher self. If you are on the fence about a romantic relationship, the guidance will be here to steer your along the best course for your fulfillment of love, pleasure, and growth.


Dreams, Visions, Etc ...

  Have you ever had anything happened to you that seemed strange or unexplainable or had wild, vivid dreams you can’t understand. Maybe you’ve experienced some amazing feelings because of them and hat you find difficult to pinpoint or understand the full message. Perhaps you have thought about or experienced UFOs or a connection to angels or other higher realms of intelligence. In your session you will open a doorway into the highest levels of consciousness with no limits for the answers to be revealed. Open your mind for your session to know the meanings and answers.


Life Path, Purpose and Mission

  Do you have big decisions to make that could impact the direction of your life? Are you at a crossroads life?  Is it time to find your life’s purpose? It is time to find out what you are truly meant to do with your time here on Earth now. You’ll discover how to find yourself in the most profound levels. It’s time to do some soul searching in the most powerful and wise place to access the answers to your life’s path. In this session you can dive deeply into the most important questions that you have about how your should best spend your time, where you should be and who you should share your life with for your highest and greatest good. Thinking about these questions will stimulate your subconscious for a more informative session.  Writing them down will assist you in getting the specific answers you seek.


Last, but not least...

To assist in opening to your higher awareness

  Imagine making an easy connection to your higher self in order to prepare you for your session and inner journey. This is where self-talk helps...

 Write this down:  I have clear and direct communication with my Subconscious and my Higher Self. My relationship with my higher self is growing stronger and stronger. I relax with ease because I am ready to receive the answers to help me in my life and on my path in this life. I am worthy and I am ready!

   I allow myself to relax and I have a wonderful, relaxing, successful session. I willingly release all fears and doubts. I release them and let them go. I’m ready for healing and answers to my questions about my health, my life, my relationships, my path, purpose, and mission in this life. I have a great session!

  * Repeat this several times throughout your day and especially on the way to your session. Look in the mirror and tell yourself aloud the above. Make this a practice before your session.  I did this before I had my own session and it worked for me and it will work for you too!

    Once you have your questions written down, read over them again, then print them or write them clearly on other sheets of paper as legibly as possible.  


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