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 If you were diagnosed or suffer with any of the above or any illness, disease or disorder, as you can see there is nothing is too big or too small for your Inner Healer to deal with. Its obvious you are ready to let go of it and allow it to leave your body or mind or you would not be here today reading this! Your higher self is guiding you so are you going to allow it the gift(s) it has for you or keep ignoring it?  

You are ready or you wouldn’t be reading this! Your Inner Being brought you to this information and my site because we are meant to work together. Its knows what you’re ready for in every moment and is trying to tell you, “now is the time”. It will help you and heal what is needed or tell you what the lesson is which makes it much easier to release. Remember it knows... EVERYTHING!  It will even find things you may not be aware of... and heal it before it can ever cause a problem, before it ever turns into cancer or something else. It sees everything in the body and repairs it without medicine or surgery!  

Ask yourself, what am I waiting for? STOP putting it off before its too late. Are you waiting for a miracle cure? Its already here, but you have to accept it! It does not involve having something cut out, it involves the cooperation from your Inner Healer. Simple relaxation to contact the inner healer now! Will you join the list of healing’s above?

  if you are reading this your Higher Self has led you here so its time to get busy! Make the appointment and follow through. Apparently..... you are ready!

Client Session Results


  Below are some of the most dramatic results clients have experienced. The list continually grows by the minute as many practitioner’s around the world in different time zones report in. Once Doctor reports and Lab test prove their session was a success, we then add them to our list of healing’s. As Practitioner’s, we are witnessing the most amazing transformations with clients. We call them like we see them.....MIRACLES!   

  This simple and relaxing technique has proven itself to be effective for thousands of people in the world regardless of gender, age, religious or cultural backgrounds. Your own Subconscious or Inner Healer is what performs instantaneous healing when it’s appropriate... and if you are ready at that moment.  Note: (I work with ages 10 years and up)

  Many surgeries are being canceled after Doctor’s see the problem is no longer visible! They simply think they made a mistake. Of course, there are no guarantees as (the final decision is made by the Inner Healer. The list below are a few examples of the results QHHT Practitioners all over the world are experiencing using healing hypnosis with clients. Amazing as it may seem, many of these clients experienced immediate results in one session.

  STOP and ask yourself where will you be in one year if you don’t do this right now? Imagine what it would be like to experience this for yourself. Just imagine what you could do. Picture yourself healed. Envision yourself doing the things you would love to do, but can’t at the moment. All thing are possible if you allow yourself the experience.


Surrogate Sessions

  If a person is not able to come for a session a close friend or family member can have the session as a surrogate. You MUST HAVE THEIR PERMISSION or the Inner Healer will not assist us in healing anything or answering any questions for them. You must provide a list of questions they themselves want answers to or what you would wish to ask on their behalf, including asking for healing. You must have their permission to ask for their healing also.  Some people do not want to heal and you cannot make them, nor can I.  

Understand that some people do not want to heal.  They like being able to depend on others, they’re afraid to heal and some simply like the attention they get being sick. In this case, not even the Inner Healer can change that. It must be their choice to heal as each Soul has Free Will. The Inner Healer will never interfere with our free will choices.  


More Client Session Results