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Yana Freeman

1995 Arkansas Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Healing Hypnosis  •  Past Life Regression  •  Children’s Hypnosis

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     Yana is a professionally trained Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1995, who uses simple, relaxing and proven hypnosis techniques to access your Inner Advisor and Healer, the part of you that knows everything and will assist in every aspect of your life and health.      

   Your Inner Advisor and Healer is easily accessible and waiting for you to ask for its assistance. It knows everything there is to know, past, present and future. It will assist you in every aspect of your life. Healing of illness and disease is common in sessions.

    The Inner Advisor can also assist in helping you with your life purpose and guide you to the path you came into this lifetime to accomplish.

   No-thing is too big or too small for your Inner Advisor and Healer to assist you with or to heal.

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Spiritual Guidance / Counseling            Healing Hypnotherapy              Children’s Hypnotherapy

        For the Spiritually Aware                                           For Everyone                                       (See About Hypnosis Above)



Yana Freeman

 I became a student of Author Dolores Cannon in 2004. I use a combination of her script and my own. Unless you know her script you won’t know the difference. Not all of her students are Hypnotherapist and many are only trained in her specific technique.

Nine years prior to becoming a student of hers I used my own relaxation technique attaining the same end result.

  All Hypnotist use an Induction Script to relax the client and no one way is better than another, its what they are most comfortable with. My Induction is a simple relaxation journey ending with the same results of meeting and speaking with your Subconscious/Higher Self for answers to your questions and assistance with Healing the Body, discovering your purpose and attaining specific information for you. All that is required is that you allow yourself to relax and allow me to guide you within yourself. It is that simple.


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Ordained Minister,

QHHT Practitioner, & Medical Assistant

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You are more than half way to where you need to be!  

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