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Yana Freeman CCHt/QHHT Practitioner

Arkansas -  1995 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Healing Hypnosis  •  Past Life Regression  •  Children’s Hypnosis



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      Yana Freeman is one of many qualified Hypnotherapist that uses simple, relaxing and proven hypnosis techniques to access your Higher Self, the part of you that will assist in every aspect of your life and health. Once you relax your mind and body we easily access information that will help you get on track in your life and get to the root cause of illness and disease to release the issue for healing and much more.

     Our Higher Self or Soul is available and waiting for you to ask for its assistance. Together we can attain answers about life, health, relationships and discover your purpose and mission in this lifetime. Your Soul Essense knows everything there is to know, past, present and future. It will assist you in every detail of your life!  Instant healing of illness and disease is common if the person is ready to let go of the emotional issues that created it.



Why are you on Earth at this time? What is you life purpose? Do you have health issues? Relationship issues? Who and where is your Soul Mate/Twin Soul?

Do you have family, personal or emotional issues? Are you tired of struggling through your life?  

If you answered yes to any of the above there is immediate help and guidance into all your life situations! There is healing available now.

Nothing is too big or too small for your Higher Self to assist you with or to heal.

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Listen to a short Interview with me from July 20, 2018  on All Business Radio.

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